Big Data and Complex Networks Group

Research We are interested in the science and engineering of complex networks and systems.
Projects Brunet: We are designing and implementing high-performance peer-to-peer protocols and systems.

Netmodeler: We have developed and continue to evolve a C++ class library for modeling and simulation of complex networks.

Random Graph Load-balancer: We have developed the theory for a decentralized load-balancing architecture based on the insights of random graphs. An implementation for grid computing is currently under way.

Social Networks and Dynamics: We are investigating a number of issues related to models for social interactions, and how such interactions give rise to macroscopic phenomena such as fame. We are also investigating ways to harness social networks to provide reliable information services, such as spam filtering.

Graphical models and topology selection

Neuron Modelling

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Director Prof. Vwani P. Roychowdhury
Complex Networks Some of our results

Post Doctorates
Dr. Akshay Wadia
Dr. Mikhail Simkin

PhD Students
Misagh Falahi
Ehsan Ebrahimzadeh
Behnam Shahbazi
Arash Vahabpour
Qiujing Lu

Master Students
Utkarsha Verma
Ansuya Ahluwalia
Jingyuan Fan
Xu Zhang
Peiqi Zheng

Dr. Lichao Chen - Google
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh ( papers ) - Intel
Dr. Roja Bandari - Apple
Dr. Hai Qian - Google
Dr. Zicong Zhou - Twitter
Dr. Federico Spedalieri
Dr. Joseph S. Kong - Data Science Team Lead, Trulia
Dr. P. Oscar Boykin - Stripe
Dr. Milan Bradonjic - PostDoc Researcher at Los Alamos National Lab
Dr. Jesse S.A. Bridgewater - Senior Engineer at Yahoo
Dr. Behnam A. Rezaei - Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Netseer
Dr. Nima Sarshar - Assistant Professor, University of Regina
Dorna Moshir - Design Engineer, Xerox
Dr. Riccardo Boscolo - VP of Technology at NetSeer
Ho-Shun Yang
Adil Aijaz
Tim Dasilva

Last modified: Aug 1 2016